WinKeyer USB Server location?

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WinKeyer USB Server location?

Where do you extract the WinKeyer USB server to use with CQRLOG?
I cant seem to get CRQLOG to open anything related to CW ops in the program. No tune,No CW type, ect.

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Re: WinKeyer USB Server location?

cqrlog doesn't neet it. WinKeyer USB server is useful for app that can use cwdaemon only.
CQRLOG has WinKeyer USB support Intergrated. It's in File -> Preferences -> CW Interface. There you can choose what device you have (CW daemon or Winkeyer USB) and set other parameters.
CW message settings is in New QSO window -> File -> CW messages, tune mode is in File -> Tune or you can hit CTRL+T.  CW Type is also in New QSO windows -> Window -> CW type or hit F12.
73 Petr, OK2CQR