QSL Sent and Receive

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QSL Sent and Receive


What is PE (or SPE) in QSL_SENT Field ?
What are Q and '!' in QSL_RCVD Field ?
I think that Q is QSL received but what is the difference with '!'

Best 73's

Herve F8EHJ

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Re: QSL Sent and Receive

Hi Herve,

PE mean that you requested sending QSL via website or email e.g. K5D, you can ask for QSL only by filling form on their website, you don't need send QSL card.
SPE is the same but you are going to do it.

Q means confirmed and you can use ! if you get your QSL back from QSL buro with NOT USE OUR QSL BUREAU etc.

73 Petr, OK2CQR