V 0.8.3 is FB!

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V 0.8.3 is FB!

Hi Petr and Martin;

I've been playing with 0.8.3 tonight and everything is working fine; both radios work with the TRX control, FLDigi works great in remote mode, and my CPU usage is low.

Thank you for all of your hard work!

73 - Steve N8NM

I'll echo Steve's comment.

I'll echo Steve's comment. So far I am beginning the tedious process of transcribing my paper log and then I'll try to import my various contest logs.

I did notice that in Offline mode that typing in a two letter US prefix seemed to cause the DXCC entry to jump from W(USA) to '!'. I'll continue to watch this as I enter more log data.

Over all CQRlog looks good!

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US prefixes

This rather cosmetical glitch is now fixed. If the autoupdate does not solve this problem, download and update the country files manually. Remember, AH, KG, KH, KP, NH, NP, WH and WP prefixes can't be resolved after first two letters!

So far I was entering KB4,

So far I was entering KB4, KC0, etc. which are quite domestic calls. I was in Offline mode and so far have not used the program in live mode. I've not gotten back to log entry but if I see other combinations I note them as well.

Thanks again

CPU is running low at 50 poll rate
Thanks for a great program and all of the help. I hope to be able to contribute in the future.