Nits in cty files

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Nits in cty files

A couple of small issues in cty files: (The number is the approximate line number in the file.)
3982 JT5K[N-Z]% J[UV]5K[N-Z]%|Mongolia, Tov|AS, Club Station|-8|47.70N|106.94E|32|23||R|=363
", Club Station" in the continent field should be in the entity name field
1439 =K1RH/1D3 =K1RH/1G2 =K1RH/1H0 =K1RH/1J5 =K1RH/1L8 =AA4V/1X7 USA (no DXCC credit!)|NA|5|32.0N|84.0W|08|05||R|=0
No separator between prefix list and entity name
4308 =ZL0AAB =ZL0BDQ =ZL1ATM =ZL9AFZ/9|Auckland Island (Motu Maha)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|=16                                                                                                                                  4311 =ZL0AFZ/9|Auckland Island (Motu Maha)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|1988/01/01-1988/12/31=16                                                                                                                                       4332 =ZL9AMO|Auckland Island (Motu Maha)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|1988/01/01-1988/12/31=16                                                                                                                                        4333 =ZL9BQD|Enderby Island, Auckland Islands (Motu Maha)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|1988/01/01-1988/12/31=16                                                                                                                       4337 =ZL9GD =ZL9DD|Auckland Island (Motu Maha) (no DXCC credit!)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|1995/02/01-1995/02/28=0                                                                                                                 4338 =ZL9TPY =ZL9YL|Auckland Island (Motu Maha)|OC|-12|50.5447S|1662086E|60|32||R|=16                                    
All of these are missing a decimal point in the longitude field - should be something like 166.2086 rather than the 1662086 in the file.
73, Larry  W6NWS