QRZ Return Formatting Issue?

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QRZ Return Formatting Issue?


I noticed starting last night that qrz.com data is returning with "extra" info so it throws off what gets entered in the QSO fields. The extra data coming along seems somewhat random. QRZ returns additional data such as:

fe5dbffe53b 5DBFFE53BC783A5

..many times. Me only?

73 - Paul - N9GXA

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Re: QRZ Return Formatting Issue?

Hi Paul,

no, not only you, mee too. QRZ.COM made some changes, that should prevent to parse html code. This strange string is generated dynamically and it looks like big problem. When you trying search again and again, the html code is never the same. So I don't know how to parse it. Maybe I'll find solution but I'm not sure.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Thanks Petr. Good to know it

Thanks Petr. Good to know it is not just me. Thanks for a great program!

73 - Paul - N9GXA


Looks like Petr got QRZ cleaned up in 0.8.4.


Howie N4AF

Extra data in QRZ lines

Just installed 0.8.4 and did a reload of complete update from QRZ.COM

The QTH field is still loading extra data:


Sometimes the true QTH information follows the pclass= field.
Sometimes partial true information follows the pclass= field.

If a QTH field is filled in manually, then it i not changed by the program update function.

Some QTH data fields are blank, as in some of the Special Event Call Signs.

System Info:

Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)
4.4.1 (i486-linux-gnu)

Myrton T. Smith - N1GKE -

SKCC # 5521

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Re: Extra data in QRZ lines


could you give me an example, please? I tried your call but it works as expected. Please describe me what did you do. Thanks.

73 Petr, OK2CQR