Ten Tec Omni VII issues

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Ten Tec Omni VII issues

Hi - I trying to get my new Ten Tec Omni VII to work with CQRLOG as well as my old rig (Elecraft K2) did.  I've tried to configure it properly in the rig control window (tried many variants, actually).  CQRLOG will read the frequency from the rig correctly, but writing a frequency to the rig happens sporadically, sometimes with significant time delays (many seconds). At some point, it just stops working until I kill CQRLOG and restart it.  If I run fldigi independently (without CQRLOG running), and configuring it to use hamlib, everything seems fine (it can read and write frequency to the rig just fine), so I think it is not a hamlib issue.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to track down what appears to be a bug in CQRLOG? 
I'd like to be using it again, it's the best logging/radio interface program out there, after exploring all the Windows alternatives.
Dan AE3E