Cwdaemon and the keyboard

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Cwdaemon and the keyboard

Is anyone using cwdaemon with a keyboard? It's been a month since I first reported this problem so maybe nobody else shares it.
The difficulty is that the space bar does not actually "send" a space. In letter mode it seems to do nothing, and in either of the word modes it begins sending the text immediately preceding it (presumably a word)... even if the sending of the previous word has not completed. Unless one actually waits for the previous word's completion plus a reasonable inter-word time space before hitting the space bar, the two words are mixed into a confused mess. This effectively makes keyboard CW using CQRLog with cwdaemon impossible.
I don't know the source of the problem, but cwdaemon works fine in Xlog. One can type sentences ahead, limited only by the size of the buffer.
I'm using CQRLog 1.9.0 and cwdaemon 0.9.5-1.1.