DX Stats on QSO entry window showing 'X'

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DX Stats on QSO entry window showing 'X'

CQRlog v1.9.0
When entering a new QSO for a country which I have QSL's (LOTW, eQSL), the band chart is showing only 'X', even when the entity (the same call!) has confirmed QSL's from LOTW.
Looking at a debug dump, (cqrlog --debug=1), the SQL being run is:
select band,mode,qsl_r,lotw_qslr,eqsl_qsl_rcvd from cqrlog_main where adif=45 and (qsl_r = 'Q') group by band,mode,qsl_r,lotw_qslr,eqsl_qsl_rcvd
I noticed the (qsl_r = 'Q').  Running this statement manually generates no results.  Taking it out produces:
| band | mode | qsl_r | lotw_qslr | eqsl_qsl_rcvd |
| 20M  | CW   |       | L         |               |
| 40M  | RTTY |       | L         | E             |
I can't find a setting to turn the 'Q' on or off and suspect it's a bug when populating the DX Stats data on the QSO entry screen.
The DX Statistics window correctly shows the 'L' entries.
Let me know if you need further information.

RE:DX Stats on QSO entry window showing 'X'

Real QSL=Q, LoTW=L, e-QSL=E, worked but not confirmed=X

LotW/eQSL Support
"include Lotw and eQSL confirmed countries in DXCC Statistic"
"use LoTW and eQSL confirmed countries for New country or New Band country etc.info"
and restart cqrlog