[SOLVED] LotW upload -> run db recovery

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[SOLVED] LotW upload -> run db recovery

For years I've run gentoo but decided to change to ubuntu.  I used rsync to copy my home directory to another linux machine, then changed to ubuntu.  The change went smoothly in all regards but one.  After installing cqrlog, my old log info is still there (yay!) and I can upload qsos to eQSL.
The problem is that I can't upload my qsos to LotW.  LotW (i.e., trustedqsl) is installed, but trying a LotW upload yields a pop up saying:
"Database Error: BDB0087 DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run recovery
Click 'Ignore' to continue signing this log while ignoring errors.
Click 'Cancel' to abandon signing this log."
Even after a restart of cqrlog I continue to get this message.  How do I run a db recovery, or is there a better solution?  All else appears to run fine.
Tnx es 73!
Mike ab3ap

Possibly related, I cannot

Possibly related, I cannot seem to delete a bad call.  Somehow the call '+UA9UX' was entered into cqrlog.  Even though I've edited and changed it to the correct callsign without the plus sign, I continue getting 'ClubLog: Uploading +UA9UX' followed by 'invalid callsign' errors. 

Please ignore this thread. 

Please ignore this thread.  The error comes from tqsl itself.  Not sure why movning from one linux distro to another causes this erros, but it appears not to be a cqrlog issue.  So I will pursue it with LotW.  Thanks!
Mike ab3ap

For any interested, the

For any interested, the problem was that Oracle db code used by TQSL is often different between different Unix variants.  I had to delete some files in my .tqsl directory in order to have them refreshed in a way that my new ubuntu db code expects.  So all is well and I'm fully ubuntu-ified now!

Can you elaborate on your fix

Can you elaborate on your fix? ...Which files? ...All files?

73 from WTX!