Xplanet no closing.

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Xplanet no closing.

Ubuntu Karmic in use here.

When opening Xplanet, it opens in a small window.
Dragging the edge to increase the size left several copies of the original display of earth in the main window until one click anywhere in the window, then the earth would fill the window.

I wanted the Xplanet to be by itself, so I moved it one desktop over and make it full screen, or maximized. It worked as expected and displayed callsigns on the map where the should be.

The but part is, when closing the main program, all windows close, except for the Xplanet window. I will need to re-install Xplanet as I thought perhaps this is what was slowing down the computer, but with it completely un-installed, the slow problem exists.

More to follow....

Myrton - N1GKE -

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Re: Xplanet no closing.

Hi Myrton,

do you have Close xplanet with CQRLOG enabled? This option is on xplanet tab in Preferences.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Change Xplanet picture

Hi Myrton.
Can you help me, please?
Do you know how can I change the Xplanet picture (map)?
Kelmer - PP5KE