DX Cluster window stealing

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DX Cluster window stealing

I notice when I have all tabs for the CQRLog program open, when I want to edit an entry in the log file, the window gets stolen by the activity from the dx-cluster window. I have to disconnect from the cluster, then go back to the edit page, make the changes, save the information, then I can re-connect the cluster.

I haven't found a reasonable work around for this.

73 / Myrton - N1GKE -

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Re: DX Cluster window stealing

I am unable to reproduce this problem here. My test version 0.8.5 works like a champ, however the QSO List window is not permanently open - if needed I am not too lazy to use Ctrl-O. If I do this, the DX Cluster windows remains unaffected.

Actually here is permanetly open:
- New QSO
- DXCluster
- Band map
- TRX Control
- Details

BTW I can't find any reason for permanently open QSO List window, regardless of lacking space on my screen. Set up and use properly the upper part of the logging screen (New QSO) and you will get a full range of bells & whistles you are able to evaluate while logging. The QSO list is intended for advanced works (filters), QSLing, imports and exports. Anyway, no problems either.

73 Martin, OK1RR