xplanet screen is solid white

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xplanet screen is solid white

Using CQRLOG, I've got everything working properly, except for the xplanet utility program.

The program loads at CQRLOG startup and the packet spots populate correctly in the packet window and on the band map window and even on the xplanet globe. The only problem is that the entire globe of the earth is solid white. The spots show up at the correct locations and do update as new spots come in, but the map of the world is missing.

Linux Mint 17.2 cinnamon (32 bit).

Any thoughts?

73, Bob, WG9L

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xplanet screen is solid white

Did you install the images as well ?

If not, or not sure, in a shell box type following command:

sudo apt-get install xplanet-images

This should install al images..
Let us know if this solves it.


Hi once again, Alex.

Hi once again, Alex.

Nope - I had absolutely no idea that I needed to download something else to get xplanet to run properly. Your solution worked perfect!

TNX again.

Bob, WG9L