Questions regarding wsjtx remote control

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Questions regarding wsjtx remote control

I am running the latest cqrlog beta on Ubuntu 14.04.

Now I installed wsjtx 1.6 and tried the new wsjtx remote feature in cqrlog.

I seems to work, but I can not find out what the "workflow" is supposed to be.

cqrlog is configured to get all possible data from wsjtx.

cqrlog displays "wsjtx connection" above the call sign and switches to offline mode.

If I answer to a CQ, the call sign of the called station is appearing in cqrlog, name and other info is fetched from the call book, same way as manual callsign entry.

The start time is *not* updated. Report fields are empty.

Question 1: Should the reports field update automatically as the QSO progresses? If not, what is the way to transfer the reports from wsjtx to cqrlog?

Question 2: How to set start and end time?

Question 3: The frequency appearing in cqrlog is the VFO frequency. The offset (audio frequency) is not taken into account. Is that the intended behavior?

If I press "Log QSO" in wsjtx, the entry in CQRLOG is updated, including reports. But both start time and end time are set to the QSO end time (I think this is a wsjtx issue). The frequency is now correct. But all the additional information (name etc.) is cleared. Is that intended?

Some guidance greatly appreciated.