New mode count. wrong?

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New mode count. wrong?


in the DX-Cluster window and in the bandmap I get spots in magenta (my colour for new mode count.) for countries which are already worked/confirmed. This seems to happen on 80m and 17m for RTTY/Digimode spots. I have checked the Preferences/Bands/Frequencies and found the settings ok.
For example ZS2EZ is shown in magenta on 18105 RTTY right now - should be new mode. But checking the DXCC stat. I see ZS already wkd/cfmd ".LE" on 17m RY. Same happened to a PY, DS and A9 spot on 17m RTTY. All of theme wkd/cfmd b4 but magenta colour.
A Bug? Or is it me?

73... Max. DK1MAX.