NCDXF quick check

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NCDXF quick check

Hi Petr!

Nice to see that you are releasing new version. Congratulations.
I think I'll jump out of the train at this point and keep 1.9.0 with my extensions as they full fill my needs and are too big job to adapt to new version.

One thing that I have think about, but been too lazy to implement, is a ncdxf beacon support.

It could be a small window like "rig control" where you have buttons to set your rig fast on ncdxf qrg on all bands where beacons exist.
With buttons there could be active beacon list updating every 10 seconds to keep you in touch who's turn is to transmit.
If "grayline map" is open there could also exist an updating "path line" like it does in normal logging.

That could be a nice feature!

Keep on good work.
I have been programming lately with esp12e WiFi modules. Interesting small, but powerfull, device.