autobackup does not work

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autobackup does not work


there is a strange problem with my installation.

cqrlog 1.7.3
kubuntu 14.04 64-Bit

If I enable "Auto backup" (and "Ask before") I get an error message right after answering "Yes" to the question "do you want to backup your data": "File not found. Press OK to ignore ....."

I tried two directories: ~/.config/cqrlog/database (seems to be the default) and ~/cqrlog/. Both directories exists and are writable. But they is no current backup data. cqrlog writes an cryptic error message to the terminal:
TApplication.HandleException File not found
Stack trace:

Well, this is and error like 1000 others. The strange thing is: If i enable debuging (--debug=1) there is not question, no error message and of cause no backup data.

Any hint? I saw an old forum entry by DL4VAP addressing the same problem, but I'm afraid to lose my log entries by reinstalling the application.

Thanks and 73

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Re: autobackup does not work

is there any reason to use obsolete version of CQRLOG and Kubuntu?

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Is this a bug?

Oops, that was my mistake. I had probably installed the deb package years ago and did not notice that cqrlog was never updated.
Now the installation is up to date (2.0.1) and all log records are still there. However, no backup is written, there is no error message.

But I found a reason, maybe a bug in the program itself? I checked with strace what happens. As backup directory is /home/renner/cqrlog/ configured. Here is a part of what strace writes: After filling the /home/renner/.config/cqrlog/tmp/DD0UL_2016-07-05_12-26-01.adi backup file and compressing it as /home/renner/.config/cqrlog/tmp / DD0UL_2016-07-05_12-26-01.tar.gz the error makes it clear:
[pid 25292] open ( "/home/renner/.config/cqrlog/tmp/DD0UL_2016-07-05_12-26-01.tar.gz" O_RDONLY | O_LARGEFILE) = 17
[Pid 25292] flock (17, LOCK_SH | LOCK_NB) = 0
[Pid 25292] open ( "/home/renner/cqrlog/F/DD0UL_2016-07-05_12-26-01.tar.gz", O_RDWR | O_CREAT | O_TRUNC | O_LARGEFILE, 0666) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
[Pid 25292] close (17) = 0

Do you see the directory name? It's /home/renner/cqrlog/F, not /home/renner/cqrlog/ as specified in the configuration. The subdirectory F did not exist, now I've created it and now the file is written:
renner @ solaris: ~ $ tar tvfz /home/renner/cqrlog/F/DD0UL_2016-07-05_13-07-06.tar.gz
-rw-rw-r-- renner / renner 119,214 2016-07-05 13:07 DD0UL_2016-07-05_13-07-06.adi

Now it works for me, but: Where does this "F" comes from?


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Re: Is this a bug?

Could you export the config file and send it to me, please? It's in Database connection window, Utils button -> Configuration -> export. Maybe you have something on the end of the path, some wrong character.

73 Petr