CQR installation

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CQR installation

Hello all,

I'm not very good at Linux, and I have a few questions:

When I whish to install with SYNAPTIC, the available version is If I want to update repository list, it says that the repository is unavailable.

How can I install latest version?
I tried to install the .deb with DPKG, but a lot of dependencies are required. Do I have to install them "by hand" ??

For info I'm with Debian JESSIE.


Jessie is the Debian Stable

Jessie is the Debian Stable release, so it doesn't get new versions, just critical bug fixes

The version of cqrlog in Debian testing works fine in Jessie, I know because I use it and I'm the Debian maintainer for cqrlog.

I suggest you install the Jessie version, which will pull in all the dependancies. then as root, use dpkg to install the .deb from testing, if it needs any extra new dependencies then do the same with those (I think it needs the hamlib packages).

Colin G8TMV