DXCC follow-up

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F5JSD - Pascal
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DXCC follow-up

Dear Petr,

As I have now moved totally from a previous Windows log to CQRLOG with over 20k QSO. This went pretty flwlessly, this is a great piece of software. I am missing a few additional DXCC related features that are probably easy to do via SQL console, but I personally don't know how to do and a shortcut in a menu would be nice :

1.. In "DXCC Statistics" window, it would be nice to be able to :
> select in top left dropdown box "confirmed type" the following options
- Worked and not confirmed (i.e. display all the X only) and really ideally outline in color the X where no QSL has been sent
- Needed DXCC (i.e. display all the empty/ not worked band/entities)
> select in a filter only a specific mode. Current display with all modes in the same display can be confusing when only CW or only DIGI
is worked for instance. "missing" modes (spaces) to the left of the worked mode are narrower than a letter and alignment is wrong.
for instance I have several slots worked digital only where the "Q" letter is aligned on top of the "CW" slot of the entity below.
table at the bottom of New QSO window is much more clear I feel.

2.. in "filter" window, it would be nice to be able to select "DXCC status = worked not confirmed".
Maybe add the option in "group by" or "DXCC" dropdown box?
This would easily allow to filter QSL that need to be sent and QSL in the field that have not been received back yet

3.. In NewQSO window, it would be nice to be able to manually select «#» for QSO that are known to be invalid for DXCC.
e.g. for 1B1AB, CQRLOG automatically shows « Turkish Rep. of North Cyprus (no DXCC credit!) » and DXCC Ref. as « # ».
However this is not possible to override this behavior manually for a QSO where CQRLOG as automatically determined a DXCC ref. but where DXAC has refused credit when submitted for DXCC award.

4.. I have DXCC credit under the following callsigns that all count for the same DXCC diploma :

I have separate logs for each callsign, but as a result, DXCC statistics are wrong because the 3 database are not merged (each CQRLOG log has its own independant DXCC database). In my previous log software, I could create multiple plog under the same main database. CQRLOG database structure is different, but it seems "QTH_Profiles" could do the trick. Unfortunately "QTH_Profiles" do not currently support specific callsigns. Is it possible to add this feature?

73 and HNY de Pascal - F5JSD