Remote fldigi with XmlRpc

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Remote fldigi with XmlRpc

Just made first release (and pull request) of alternative remote fldigi.
It uses XmlRpc with communication between fldigi and cqrlog.

Biggest differences are:
1) you can see worked_before/DXCC status and QRZ/HamQth data like in normal cqrlogging
2) you can run fldigi on different computer than cqrlog (both must be networked)
If you are curious to see more read:

As I am not active fldigi user I would like to have beta testers to dig out possible bugs and make some comments.

Pull request is made, but not yet accepted. Meanwhile if you have interest to try it you will find sources from

If you can not compile source a ready compiled binary(only) for x86_64 can be found from as zipped file.