Wsjt-x new mode FT8

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Wsjt-x new mode FT8

During last week a new mode FT8 is introduced as a part of wsjt-x. FT8 is faster. TX periods only 15sec, but also that's why it is a bit less sensitive mode mainly planned for ES openings on 6m and up, but it is usable also in HF. too. It is a bit wider than JT9, but narrower than JT65.
You can get this wsjt-x 1.7.1-devel only by compile it from source at the moment.
There was some growing activity yesterday on 14.079Mhz .

Cqrlog, also older ones, should log these qsos ok as UDP message #5 is similar than with JT65 and JT9. You may add proferences/modes a new digital mode to user defined digital modes as FT8.

Test version of cqrlog, where CQ-monitor and Grid map are available can log qsos, but can't show CQs on monitor and grid map does not separate FT8 qsos. Selction "any" for mode will show FT8 squares.

I have uploaded (and made a pull request) to my GitHub (oh1kh/cqrlog) a version that can show FT8 CQs on CQ-monitor and FT8 grids on map.

Known bug in new mode is that UDP message has one extra space in FT8 decode. Same bug has been there also with MSK144 and my latest vesion can handle this, too.

How ever it effects also to UDP response that activates qso if you double click a CQ line in CQ-monitor window. So both FT8 and MSK144 do not initiate qso from CQ-monitor like JT65 and JT9 do.
There is no mind to fix it at cqrlog's side. We just have to wait for a fix to wsjt-x.