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How to Filter for "QSL not Confiremed"

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How to Filter for "QSL not Confiremed"

Hi All,
I have been looking through my log and wanted to filter out only the log entries that have not been confirmed. In my case my log has been imported from xlog which in turn had been imported from DXlabs. This has resulted in log enties with blanks in the QSL received column. There does not appear to be a way of filtering to show "not Q". There is a "!" in the QSL drop down box in the filter section but I am not sure what this refers to as I have not used this in the log.

73's Graham G1rnz

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Re: How to Filter for "QSL not Confiremed"

Hi Graham,

I'm going to add SQL console to next version of CQRLOG. In this console, you are going to do almost everything what you want, so also write sql statement to select QSO, you need. Maybe I add this option directly to the filter.

When you got QSL from bureau with Do not use our QSL service etc. you can mark QSL_R as !. When you will make QSO with this station in the future, CQRLOG will show small dialog with information about it.

73 Petr, OK2CQR