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USB based rig control & CI-V

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USB based rig control & CI-V

Does CQRlog (and FLDigi) support USB based CI-V rig control? For example something like HamLinkUSB (Timewave) or RIGtalk (West Mountain Radio).

I am starting consider moving most of the radio control over to native USB given that most PCs/laptops come with a limited number of serial ports and that most of the Linux distros only natively support 4 ports. It seems like the days of DB9 base serial are numbered and maybe it is time to make the move.

I am getting ready to build a new PC for the shack and am considering not putting in a second serial card. For the price of the legacy card I can move a couple of the radios to USB based CI-V control. Under Windows this looks pretty simple. I don't have a good feel for how Linux will handle the drivers for this or if it is an issue at all.

73, John NG0R

USB based rig control & CI-V

I guess that I will find out the hard way. I just ordered several USB--> CI-V cables. It appears that it is less expensive to order it as a one piece cable from eBay compared to either the West Mountain or Timewave products.

This should be interesting.

John Hoaglun
NG0R - EN25ue

Re: USB based rig control & CI-V

If the USB adapter contains one of the USB to serial chips that the Linux kernel supports, then there should be no problem. If, however, it is something special and isn't a generic USB to serial converter chip inside, then things will get a bit more sketchy. I've not tried either of the adapters as I never got a satisfactory answer about Linux support. However that was at Dayton back in '05 when I bought a RigBlaster Plus. Linux support for USB devices has advanced a few light years since then.

Earlier this year I bought a SignalLink USB with its USB sound card that worked "out of the box" on my laptop running Debian Unstable. I didn't have to do a thing except select the correct sound device in Fldigi.

I know that some network adapters have MS Windows drivers only where a utility called ndiswrapper is used to provide a Linux device driver from the Windows driver. I don't know is such a method would be required or even work with one of those devices.

Please keep us informed as we've gotten some questions about them on the Hamlib Developer mailing list.