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hamlib rpms

I have compiled hamlib rpms on Mandriva 2010.My ftp server, n3meq.dynip.com, should these
be useful to anyone you may logon to the server using the login "ftp" without the quotes.
The hamlib rpms live in pub/hamlib/meq_rpms/2010-build.
Best wishes for all this holiday season.

73,Dave [n3meq]

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Re: hamlib rpms

Hi Dave,

nice work! Thank you. May I put your rpm packages to CQRLOG website?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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hamlib rpms

Hello Petr,
Yes you are certainly welcome to put the rpm packages on the cqrlog site.
They are currently on my ftp server, if you would like you can get them from there, or
I can upload them for you to another server.

73,best wishes,
Dave [n3meq]
login name ftp password email address if using an ftp client or telnet

73 Dave