SSL Libraries are not loading

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SSL Libraries are not loading

Need help. Here are the facts:

- I have a Raspberry 3 Pi
- Running Linux in ARM
- I have CQRlog 2.2
- ssl-lib dev is up to date, I have the latest version
- If I export the log to a file I can perfectly sign and upload it thru Tqsl
- I can perfectly download the report from Lotw and import it in Cqrlog

But, I'm having problems uploading and downloading to LOTW.

When I try to upload to Lotw I get:

Error: -2

And when I try to download from Lotw I get:

Not Logged
Error: -2
Error: ssl_openssl

After running CQRlog with debug, we've identified that SSL Libraries are not loading.

Anyone have experienced the same issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: SSL Libraries are not loading

Hi Santiago,

I know about that bug and going to fix it on the weekend. Also would like to release bugfix version.

73 Petr


Hello Petr, and thanks for the good news. Hopefully you find the bug fix!!!..

73, Santiago

Any news?

Petr, hello!. Did you get a way around the bug for the SSL libraries?

73, Santiago