CQRlog 2.3.0 on LinuxMint19

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CQRlog 2.3.0 on LinuxMint19

Hello all,

As a great fan of linuxmint , i jumped on the LM19 train quick.....
I did a fresh install of LM19 on my main HAM pc, and after all the normal stuff I usually install, I installed CQRlog.
I used the install instructions on this site, adding the repository, updating and then installing CQRlog.

And i am happy to report that at least the basic functions seem to work out of the box :)
(will test some more, but i do not see anything going wrong, most software versions used, are the same as in LM18.3)


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stay sharp ,on mint 19 SQL

stay sharp ,on mint 19 SQL broke the conection !! 1500qso erased ( backup was update ufff!! )