Contest log export/import problem

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Contest log export/import problem


After worked some qsos in IARU HF World Championship contest from portable location and laptop I now moved those qsos to main PC.
I was wondering a while why I lost all contest specific reports.

First thought that ADIF export has something wrong but noticed that it works as should. At same look I remembered that export does split report and contest message (number,message) to different tags than rstr and rsts where they show up in cqrlog's qso list.

When you import this kind of ADIF file back to cqrlog the importing process will not combine reports and contest messages back to rst_s and rst_r fields.

So you will LOST contest messages. Not actually, they are in you ADIF but you can not get them back to cqrlog as they were there.

This effects to contest qsos you MOVE from another computer/cqrlog AND BACKUPS YOU RESTORE!

There are 2 ways to fix this:

1) add a checbox to ADIF export for decide to split contest messages to ADIF tags, or keep them in rst fieds (that should be selected for move or backup logs)
2) modify ADIF import so that it combines rst and contest message tags to be in rst

The 1st one is maybe faster/easier to produce in source code.
I add fixing this to "wish list" for rainy(summer) or cold, dark, short(winter) days.

Meanwhile remember this !
And if you need to move contest logs from cqrlog to another now you can do it in mysql side first exporting, then inserting qsos (but that needs some mysql skills and command terminal operation)

Contest log export/import problem

Hi !
I have done the long work 2)
As it seems that we do not have rainy days here in Finland in near future.
It has not been a proper rainy day in months at least here in west coast line.
And no cold winter days either now :-) . Forecasts say that hot days may continue for other month or so.
So it is nice to make program in hot hamshack (>35C). It is more hotter outside in sunsihne.

But if annual average temperature has to be reached we are going to have super cold during next winter.
I.E. rewriting parts of ADIF export and import and also contest part.
Now exporting can do proper STX/SRX (contest number) and STX_STRING/SRX_STRING ecports.
And importing can read them and place back to log's RST fields. (CW macros (report) will work as before)

I will release test binary within few days after testing it by myself first.
If it shows up as working solution I'll do a pull request later.


Contest log export/import problem

Test binary ,(102), is ready in my website. Source can be found from my github.
If no problems found Ill do PR in near future.