Program exception using keyboard downarrow

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Program exception using keyboard downarrow

I am getting a program hang while using CQRLOG 2.3.0(001) 2018-06-17. The exception below prints in console. On the GUI I get a blank dialog box and nothing responds to mouse clicks and I have to kill -9 the program. Here are the steps. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Press CTRL-O in new QSO window
Select Sort -> Date_time Ascending then close
Drag scrollbar to last record
Click downarrow at bottom of scrollbar once
Click downarrow on keyboard
This causes program to hang and blank dialog box to display

I am entering old QSO data into program from paper logs and was trying to find a date range of records. I have a workaround which is to not use the keyboard downarrow.


select id_cqrlog_main from cqrlog_main order by qsodate,time_on LIMIT 1

select count(*) from cqrlog_main where (qsodate = '1990-03-24'and time_on <= '00:06') or qsodate < '1990-03-24' order by qsodate DESC, time_on DESC LIMIT 500

select * from view_cqrlog_main_by_qsodate where (qsodate = '1990-03-24'and time_on <= '00:06') or qsodate < '1990-03-24' LIMIT 500

TApplication.HandleException Access violation
Stack trace:

It is known issue https://www

It is known issue
Use filter search instead.