How to name new satellites in

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How to name new satellites in


i'm using CQRLOG 2.3.0 (Dev 103) with active satellite mode.
Today i want to log a qso via Amsat AO-92 and i found AO-92 not in the list.

I add a column with "AO-92|AMSAT OSCAR 92 (FOX-1D)" in .config/cqrlog/ and after a restart i could log my qso.
And after a trustedQSL (it seems that TQSL proofs the qsl data, too) update it upload the QSO successfully to LoTW.

Is there a official way how to spell or name the satellite, so they are matching with LoTW ?
Think we should use this one ?

DL7OAP, Andreas

How to name new satellites in

You could generate whole list from LoTW.

wget, html2text, wc, awk, grep, tail and sed are needed

wget -q -O- | html2text > /tmp/hi; lines=$((($(wc /tmp/hi | awk '{print$1}')-$(grep -n " **Name**" /tmp/hi |awk -F: '{print$1+1}')))) ; tail -n$lines /tmp/hi | grep \| |sed s/" \| "/\/g > /tmp/; rm /tmp/hi

Gives to /tmp directory

This is just one way to do it. I just wanted to test how it goes with bash tools. :-D :-D :-D