New Guy with new Icom 7300

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New Guy with new Icom 7300

I am a new Ham with a new Icom 7300 Transceiver. Does anyone have the settings I need to get my machine up, connected, and running with CQRLOG? It would be greatly appreciated and would save me a lot of time. Thanks!

New Guy with new Icom 7300

Open terminal window and give command:
ls /dev/ttyUSB*
Connect ic7300 USB calble and give same command again.
Notice name of new ttyUSBx device. Use that in cqrlog TRX settings as serial port.
Be sure that user is member of dialup group to access that port.

At cqrlog side setting is quite easy:
Set rig type 373, proper serial port name, and all other settings to default.

At ic7300 side:
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v Baud Rate Auto (default)
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v Address 94h (default)
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v USB->REMOTE Tranceive address 00h (default)
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v Output for Ant OFF (default)
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v tranceive OFF
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v/USB Port Link to [REMOTE]
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v USB Baud Rate Auto (default)
menu/set/connectors/ci-v/ci-v USB Echo Back OFF