Linus Mint and CQRLOG

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Linus Mint and CQRLOG

Local ham runs Linux Mint asked if cqrlog would run on Linux Mint. Will it since Mint is debian based?

73 john

Linus Mint and CQRLOG


Yes it should if all dependencies (hamlib, mysql ... etc.) are met.
If it is Debian based the "dpkg install" <xxx.deb> should work.

Just select 64 or 32bit version xxx from these:



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Linux Mint and CQRLOG


Yes it wil run without problems on Linux mint with cinnamon. Been using this since forever i can remember......
On a clean install i use this instruction of the download page, and this works perfectly for me!


Ubuntu 16.04, 17.10, 18.04 users can use CQRLOG’s repository on Launchpad. To add repository to your system, put into terminal this:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ok2cqr/ppa;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install cqrlog


good luck!,


I run Mint and tried to install CQRLOG
it failed
it does not find / see mySQL 5.7 that i had installed

a weird popup about some issue with "apparamor"

Apparently you should click on cqrlog-apparmr-fix
to fix your apparmor, i did not even know i had one!
never heard of apparamor before all my computing live i am 66 now
i did that , but no surprise,
A new start cqrlog error still no access to mysql
i checked the mysql version
jaap@jaap-Latitude-D420 ~ $ mysql -V

it is installed but it's appamor is bit sick...
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.23, for Linux (i686) using EditLine wrapper
jaap@jaap-Latitude-D420 ~ $
so it is installed but cqrlog can't use it
possible because it needs a root password or no password
the chances that all software parts of linux and mysql work okay are very low
always some things are missing or wrong installed
it is a puzzle in linux even more than in Windows

cqrlog assumes an already correct installed mysql server?
A first time install like n1mm have that installs all needed dependencies ..
Or at least some word about installing the important mysql database?

maybe someone can help

jaap@jaap-Latitude-D420 ~ $ cqrlog
**** DEBUG LEVEL 0 ****
**** CHANGE WITH --debug=1 PARAMETER ****
FATAL ERROR: Can not get MySQL client library version version!
Setting to default version (5.1)

i tried also TLF logger , that one installes ( it was not easy... )
but i was surprised to find the the rig interface needs 2 separate comports
1 extra comport for RTS = T/R and DTR = key
i use for WSJT-x and N1MM a single comport interface

Then i tried to at least have CW possible using Winkey USB
I could start CQR winkey server but no more music then all is okay...

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Linux Mint and CQRLOG

Hi Jaap,

How did you install CQRLOG?

It looks like you (read your system) did not install some of the dependencies.....

I am running LM with CQRlog , and do not have any problem.