<CLRLOG> tag not working?

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<CLRLOG> tag not working?

<p>This past weekend, for a contest, I tried to used the &lt;CLRLOG&gt; tag to clear the logging fields, after logging the contact. All the other tags seemed to work, but the &lt;CLRLOG&gt; tag just seemed to generate a "^C" (carat capital C) characters on the typing screen. Is this the expected behaviior? Did I have to also insert some character that would act to confirm the "Do you want to clear the logging fields?" window that opens when I manually click the 'broom" icon to clear the fields?</p>
<p>Thanks for your help and advice.</p>

<CLRLOG> tag not working?

Hi Kevin!

For what do you use <CLRLOG>?
And where do you place it?

This is totally new feature of cqrlog for me (again).
"All the other tags seemed to work, but the <CLRLOG> tag..."
What other tags, where?