TRX control gets garbage data with Fldigi in remote mode

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TRX control gets garbage data with Fldigi in remote mode

So far I've only noticed this after starting Fldigi in remote mode from CQRlog and then letting both run for several hours. The symptom is that the docked rigctl display in Fldigi will momentarily flash some odd value and then go back to the rig's actual frequency. Closing Fldigi resulted in CQRlog losing the actual rig frequency and displaying the garbage value. I'm guessing that when Fldigi flashes the garbage value coincides with when CQRlog polls for the frequency. I'm not sure Hamlib is suited to two C API apps polling a rig at the same time.

As I'm also the Hamlib maintainer for the FT-920, I'll play with the CAT timing values and see where this goes. This will seem to be a longgggg debugging session. :-)

The alternative will be rigctld I suppose.

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Re: TRX control gets garbage data with Fldigi in remote mode


CQRLOG and fldigi can't read data directly from hamlib in the same time. You have to use rigctld or let CQRLOG to control rig and disable it in fldigi.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

That is what I assumed. I

That is what I assumed. I turned off TRX control in CQRlog as it is much more useful in Fldigi. Perhaps this could be a UI button to make it easier. OTOH, I should go the rigctld route. :-)

Could an option be placed on

Could an option be placed on cqrlog's fldigi option tab to automatically disable cqrlog's TRX when remote mode for fldigi has been selected until fldigi has been closed?

Tnx - Paul - N9GXA

Rig model 2

I have since learned that all any application written to use the C/C++ API need do to use a running rigctld process is for the user to select rig model 2 "NET rigctl". The rigpath parameter should be set to the host:port, e.g. 'localhost:4532'. Hamlib will then connect to the specified rigctld and translate the C/C++ API to rigctld and back again.

It should be as easy as:

In Fldigi under the Hamlib tab, select rig model "Hamlib NET rigctl" and in the 'Device' field type in "localhost:4532" (or whatever host:port you're using).

In CQRlog setup the TRX to use model 2 and set 'Device' to "localhost:4532" (as with Fldigi above).

The result is that Fldigi and CQRlog are sharing the rig.