Rig control through a freq paste

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Rig control through a freq paste


I apologize for the stupid question but I still want to ask it: Is there a way to control my rig by pasting a frequency into a field somewhere? I like to use a cluster that is only available on the web and I would like to copy a frequency from it and paste it into the TRX control window or into a new QSO form to force my rig to change frequency.

Can that be done? Can CQRLOG do it?


Rig control through a freq paste

No it is not possible with cqrlog.
Only way I could imagine this would be to open a command line window and start telnet session there (while cqrlog is running):
telnet localhost 4532

Then type there "F"and paste frequency after that letter and press enter.
But it must be in Hz and DXCluster does not show it that way. So too complicated.

But DXClusters are networked. You should see same spot with either telnet or web of cqrlog's DXCluster window. From there it is just a click.