Details window starts in the "wrong position"

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Details window starts in the "wrong position"

Perhaps this started when I switched to the Raleigh theme. I have noticed that the Details window now opens with the exact same dimensions as the New QSO window and is positioned behind it, effectively hiding it. I have resized it and moved it out from under the New QSO window but upon the next startup of CQRlog it will be hidden and enlarged again.

Manually set in log_data/cqrlog.cfg

After poking around in log_data/cqrlog.cfg, I found the section [QSOdetails] which appeared to have the dimensions I was looking for. I edited them as needed and the Details window once again shows where I would like to place it on program startup.

This seemed to start when I was playing around and disabled display of the Details window but when I re-enabled it, it took the same dimensions as the New QSO window and was always directly underneath it and thus "hidden".

I wonder if the program checks if this window's position or size has changed since the previous values were written to log_data/cqrlog.cfg? In this case it seems that changing of the Details window's size and/or position was not written to log_data/cqrlog.cfg on CQRlog shutdown.

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Re: Manually set in log_data/cqrlog.cfg


CQRLOG always saves windows position and size. It doesn't check if position has been changed. I checked the source but I cant find anything wrong with it. I don't know what could cause this problem.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Details window starts in the "wrong position"

I just tested it by resizing the Details window slightly, exiting CQRlog and then looking at log_data/cqrlog.cfg and noting that the file had not been changed since Jan 8 when I edited it manually. The size change did not appear in log_data/cqrlog.cfg as it was exactly as I'd edited it.

How can I help debug this?