Distance column in QSO List

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Distance column in QSO List


I tried to figure out, who to show the distance based on QRA Locator calculation in the QSO List Window.

Preferences -> Visible Columns has a lot of options, but no Distance between 2 stations.

For VHF/UHF/Microwave, it would be nice, to have it in the database.
Of course, if I enter a GRID in the New QSO window, distance is calculated and shown in the right stats part.

Is there any way, to show it also in the qso list and/or export it for QSL Labels ?

73, Rolf

Distance column in QSO List

Currently not possible now. There could be 2 ways to do it:
- Store the calculation result to database with qso details. That would need a new database field addition for that
- calculate it always again when creating qso list. That needs also recalculation when creating QSL label csv-file.

That would be a welcomed addition for NAC V/U/SHF tests as the points calculation is mainly based to qso distances.

Unfortunately I am banned to make more new features for cqrlog, sorry.


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Re: Distance column in QSO List

Hi Saku,

you don't have any ban. You can develop new features as you want. You do great work.

73 Petr

Distance column in QSO List

Hi Saku,

ok, thank you for your reply. I'm not a database programmer, so it would be difficult for me, to add a new field. I think, it would be the best way. And one could also add a field for german radio club chapters "DOK" as this is necessary for Deutschland-Diplom (DLD).

Maybe I try to check out and compile the source code for myself.

Is there any explanation/reason why are you banned from adding features ?

73, Rolf