Linux OS known to support Cqrlog version 2.3.0

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Linux OS known to support Cqrlog version 2.3.0

I use Linux Mint 19.1, it has the Ubuntu based version 2.0.5 in it's repo , I see in the Linux mint 19.2 they are carrying on with Version 2.0.5, so I download the 64 bit Unbuntu based version of Cqrlog 2.3.0. when I went to install it a window came up suggesting I install mints repo version. As the computer I will use will be dedicated to my Icom 7700 and CQRLOG and with time digital modes that it supposts. I am not new to Linux having used it for 10 years now but favoring Unbuntu and Debian based OS's

Linux OS known to support Cqrlog version 2.3.0

Hi Darrel !

Sad to hear that Mint maintainers do not keep their repositories up to date.

I have been saying this before: The easiest way to install latest version is to install it from tar file. That is very simple.
Only thing is that user must take care of installing needed libraries by himself. Needed libraries are listed at the end of download page where also tar files exist. But this is required only at first installation. After that upgrading version is just extracting the tar file.
So it may make things easier to install old version from repository first and test it starts. Then upgrade with tar file.
(In case of your rig I would check that you will get latest hamlib from repository. If not, it must be installed also manually)

-----------------------clip from Download page------------------------------------------
Complete application directory for other distributions:

The binaries should work in any distribution. Please don't forget to install MySQL server, MySQL client, Hamlib libraries and if LoTW support is desired, trustedqsl package and libssl-devel must be installed.


For long time Linux user you do not have any problems with this, but I believe that also newcomers can do this if they just can handle library package installs.

Download tar to /tmp directory and give console commands:
cd /
sudo tar --strip-components=1 -vxf /tmp/cqrlog_2.3.0_amd64.tar.gz


Thank you Saku , for taking

Thank you Saku , for taking the time to provide me with a clear path to my objective, and I expect that many more will make use of your reply. I see topics for CW Keyer , Lotw and others I hope to explore as I progress with this software. And I will reply to this topic with my successes, and hopefully few errors.

Darrel VE7EME

Linux OS known to support Cqrlog Version 2.3.0

HI Darrel, I use linux mint 19.1, The quickest way to update cqrlog is to download the db file from this website. Find it in the downloads folder and right click. This will bring up the debi installer, just follow the instructions ignoring the reminder about an earlier version. Do not forget to check the /etc/group file to make sure your username has been added to
dialout:x:20:your username
tty:x:your username
If you edit this file save and reboot Mint before using Cqrlog.


Thanks for your reply had got

Thanks for your reply had got no where trying to install Version 2.0.5 on Linux mint 19.1 and later same version from Mint 19.2, there were different suggestions, such as install myqsl server and client first another saying it does not like myqsl 5.7 it was setup for 5.5. So I installed Ubuntu 19.04 and Cqrlog version 2.3.0 installed with out any problem. But I have never liked Ubuntu, so was glad for you message, I reformatted the drive install Linux Mint 19.2 then installed Cqrlog and the unbunta PPA from the terminal, and all seems well. Hope to catch you on the air some day John.

Darrel VE7EME