Clublog QSL ADIF download

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Clublog QSL ADIF download

I am wondering how to handle clublog OQRS QSL requests. I recently got a mail from the system telling me:

This is an automatic message to alert you that the following QSLs have been requested for PG4I using Club Log OQRS.


SM6NJK with PG4I on 2015-02-15 08:10:00 20 CW via BURO

This QSO is indeed in my log. The only interaction with clublog I can think of is clicking on "OQRS" at the top of the page. Then I see at the bottom of the page:

Bureau QSLs (number of QSOs):
1 (approximate - includes unfinished checkouts)

There is a button which downloads a small ADIF file with the QSO included. What to do with this file, importing it into CQRLOG does not make any sense, I will have a dupe... ;-)

Joop PG4I