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I have a question (sorry for bad english...hi..)

i have a problems with automatic log upload.
I have this message:
(working well with HamQTH but i have a bad message with HRDLog.)

The only solution (fr the moment) is to mark qso as updated !

HamQTH: Deleting original IU3KHJ ... OK
HamQTH: Uploading updated IU3KHJ ... OK
HamQTH: Uploading G4OZG ... OK
HamQTH: Done ...
HRDLog: Deleting original II8FTDM
HRDLog: Could not delete original QSO data!
HamQTH: Uploading RA6ALF ... OK
HamQTH: Done ...
HRDLog: Deleting original II8FTDM
HRDLog: Could not delete original QSO data!

Any ideas ?
thanks for your help.
Didier F1MXE JN05GQ

Sometimes the Online Logs did

Sometimes the Online Logs did not recognize or accept a Callsign. It says OK on the upload but for some unknown reasons its not in their Database. Or the Online Log is offline. It happens for me sometimes with Clublog and HRDLog. If you made now changes in your Log (EQSL Upload f.e.) and you go online again, cqrlog first tries to delete the changed Callsign. But if it is not in the Online Log Database, you got that Error.
The only way for now to correct that Error is to upload manually a Adif Export with the missing Callsigns from cqrlog to the Online Logs via their Web Interfaces.
The bad thing is, if their is a missing Callsign in one Online Log, cqrlog stops uploading Callsigns to that specific Online Log. So if you have more than one missing Callsign in that Log, you have to repeat the whole procedure of checking, exporting Adif, importing to the Online Log over and over again until the last missing Callsign is in the Online Log. Or importing your whole Adif to the Online Log with a lot of Dupe checking in their Database. I am not a Friend of that way. And one Point more. The Online Logs needs some time to import and update their Database. So you have to wait several minutes before the Error is gone.

I wish, cqrlog would not stopp uploading after a missing Callsign. Instead of stopping, a Upload-Error.log in the Users Home Directory would be fine. So we can see, which Callsigns are missing in which Log and we can upload them in one way instead of one by one.

73 de Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ

Tks Heinz for your message.

Tks Heinz for your message. Its exacty the situation here. Wait and see..............hi
Didier F1MXE

my solution currently, mark

my solution currently, mark qso manually as upload to all logs after (online log) 73's

I have this problem with

I have this problem with Clublog. Only way, what done, have uploaded new qsos
directly and marked all done in CQRLOG. Naturally in clublog data is incorrect, as
Worked, Confirmed and so on. This matter is hard to debug, because it happens
so randomly. This may not be CQRLOG bug???