[Solved] starting from 2 month, I can't download from eqsl.cc

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[Solved] starting from 2 month, I can't download from eqsl.cc

Hi to all, and thanks in advance for any advice.

With no mods in configuration, starting from some time, I can't download any information from eqsl.cc to my CQRLog.

I can, with no problem to upload, but in case of downloading I get: "Error: No such Username/Password found"; if I try to connect to the site with the same user and password I login with no problem.

So I try in debug mode and I see that the program try to access to the following URL:

If I try this URL it in a browser, I can't access; I get the same error... But if I try to connect first by the Login page of the site, and after I try to use this URL, I can get the file I need and the download is enabled.

It looks like the authentication skema was changed at eqsl.cc: I try to search info from them but nothing :-(

Does someone have some information about my problem or have jad the same one?

I'm using the last version of CQRLog (but also the previous one I used, suddenly had this problem, so I try to upgrade).


Franco, IK7XJA

starting from 2 month, I can't download from eqsl.cc

Hi Franco !

I copied the link from your message and changed my call and password (seems not to be case insensitive) to it.
At first tests I got same error as you.
After logged in from main page manually the link started to work. After logout it stopped again.

While playing little more link started to work without first logging in manually. I even switched to another browser to be sure that no valid cookies exist in background.

So it seems to be something with the site. Have you tried to log in manually and while connected do the transfer with cqrlog?

In their example they use https, and if your link was copied from cqrlog debug it seems to be http there. How ever this seems to have no effect when it works, it works. I think https is the recommended way today.

Few days ago I made exchange with eqsl.cc and my cqrlog. Without problems.

Have you checked that you do not have any special characters in your password?



Many Thanks! The problem is solved!

Hi Saku!
Many tranks for trying fom me a workaround. The problem is solved and was the special char in my password.
I think they made some mods in eqsl.cc auth skema and the char I used was getting trouble when used in CQRLog (and also if I try to authenticate with the string I got in debug mode.

So, never use special chars :-)

Best regards and I hope to meet on the frequencies!