Updating a membership file

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Updating a membership file

Since I'm just getting started with SKCC, I set up the award tracking which looks to be FB. Now, the SKCC roster is updated daily and today's update included several new members including myself. The skcc.txt file included with 0.9.1 has up to member # 6194 and already the count is up to # 6231.

Is there someplace where I can grab the latest file between CQRlog updates or does another file need to be processed in some way for CQRlog?

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Re: Updating a membership file

My files being updated, say, 2 times per week. I can email to you whatever you need or in the case of interest, a dedicated section with membership files can be established.

Contact me directly, Nate.

Martin, OK1RR

Email sent

Sent email.

Thanks much!

Thanks, Martin, for adding the membership files to the downloads section. It is much appreciated.