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Icom usb port update

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Icom usb port update

I am now able to set up my Icom 7410 for cqrlog and wsjtx using linux mint 19.2 .It would appear usb drivers are are in mint and allow cat control and audio without any other connection between radio and computer. Mine worked with several computers,
a) Toshiba A210 laptop (amd 64 bit)
b) AMD Ryzen 5 desktop
c) Intel I7 desktop. This computer did not initially work until I fed the radio via a usb hub.
To check that the usb is working when the radio is connected go into the terminal and type in the command

If OK it will give the radio type and serial number, otherwise a usb read/64 error 71 message will be seen. MY cure after much searching the web and testing was to install a usb hub between the radio and computer.

73 john