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Release schedule

I noticed that the last version to come out was well over a year ago, what is the release schedule for CQRLOG? I am just wondering if I should run via source or not.

Release schedule


Release schedule is Petr's thing to decide. How ever as he has told to us he is very busy now with his daily job and of course with family duties, too. So not much time to spend with ham hobby.
As seen at he is looking a way to make updating more automated and less time consuming for him.
We just have to wait how this will happen in future.

At the moment 2.3.0 (001) that seems to be in some package repositories is old and buggy. It is good base to install cqrlog for first time and test that it works.
How ever after that upgrading is most recommended.
Beta official release 2.3.0 (003) or the best solution is to compile from up to date source from github if it is possible. It is not very hard to do, but requires some knowledge of programming anyway.