new user presentation Erich HB9FIH / HS0ZLS

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new user presentation Erich HB9FIH / HS0ZLS

Hi, just going to cqrlog

because I will change to Linux (Mint MATE or LMDE 3) for 100%
(maybe also wineHQ for contest log UCRLog.

Main pint for changing is:
I was earlier when I was still QRL familiar with Linux Data and Voice Servers. Also had a small hosting farm. All with Debian and CentOS.

In HAM Radio I do a lot - not time to describe here see my page: (its most in German but has lot pictures. Or see in QRZ.COM.

I am living "on the world - real" no fix QTH. So I am in SV8 (on Sailing Boat) in TA3 in EA8 in HS or anywhere. Sure always QRV - most in CW (QRP a lot) also DIGI Modes all except automatic ones and DMR (a bit) also on FM-Repeaters.
Doing lot Awards and contesting (CW/DIGI) and a favourite is SOTA.

72 / 73 de Erich