Need some testers FT / states

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Need some testers FT / states

HI !

I like to have some test reports about new alpha version.
I have made state addition to CQ monitor but it needs "pileup" to see how slow it may be when there are many US stations in the band at same time.
It can not be tested here at my location.

I need testers who:
- have working cqrlog now and can(and will) do complete backup from it at least copying ~/.config/cqrlog folder with logs and settings
- work FT8 or/and FT4
- are interested in getting all USA states worked
- live in USA or place where several US stations can be heard in bands (Here conditions are so poor that just few can be heard from time to time, but lot of EUs)
- can read and understand my INSTALL.TXT and REPORT_ABOUT_THESE.TXT
-possible can compile from GitHub source, or otherwise can use precompiled 64bit binary fie.

See: for binary files.

Or the source:

(Binary files also have sources: and included. I.E. it is the same I'm using daily here)