V 09.01 : Group edit : My Loc field fails

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V 09.01 : Group edit : My Loc field fails

V 09.01 : Group edit : My Loc field fails

Hi all and tnx for the new version of of this great logbook!

Run into some minor trouble after importing some /p QSOs from Tucnak contestprogram into CQRLOG.. ADIF import works great, but I missed to add the new /p Profile before importing.

To fix this human error, I set up a filter selecting all my imported /p QSOs and would like to fix the all selected QSOs using group editing.

Found problems :

* Using the Grout edit function to chance the QTH Profile works ok, but the "My Locator" field of the dataset is not set to the locator field that is part of the QTH Profil definition... so I got the new QTH Profil but NOT the matching QTH Locator of the QTH.

* Using the Group edit to My Loctor field ends up in an SQL Error Message:
Dynamik SQL error : SQL error -206
Column unknown : MYN_LOC
So maybe only a simple typo in the SQL statement?

* creating a new profile works ok, but I got a empty selection list calling "Preferences -> QTH-Profiles -> Define/Modifiy " function .

If you select "edit" you get profile no. 1 .. closing the new window, the selection list shown as expected

After creating the new profile, the complete new list is also given and may be edited, but on the first call of the menu I always got an empty list of already existing profiles

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ

(running CQRLOG V 0.9.1 / binary installer with Debian SID and stable I386)

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Re: V 09.01 : Group edit : My Loc field fails

Hi Olaf,

with the my loc group edit problem you are right, it is typo in SQL statement, I'll fix it. Thank you. And also I'll check QTH profiles problem. Thank you for bug reports!

73 Petr, OK2CQR