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Remote mode

"remote mode for wsjt-x" doesn't work

box marked "run wsjtx after entering to remote mode for wsjt-x" entering the path manually does not work (does not start wsjtx)

the "Browse" button does not open any window to select the binary.

launching wsjtx manually works...

I don't know if it will be stable...

Debian bullseye/testing x86_64

Remote mode


Browse button does not work. Thanks for bug report. I'll check the problem.

If you enter path manually and set the checkbox wsjtx starts when remote mode is selected (I tested this). You can find wsjtx path with console command:

whereis wsjtx

How ever I do not recommend starting wsjtx (or fldigi) when remote is selected. Reason is that if cqrlog dies (it does that very seldom with version 2.x.x, but usually in the middle of qso by Murphys law) then it will take down also wsjtx (or fldigi) because it is running as child thread of cqrlog.
If wsjtx (or fldigi) is started manually, as it's own thread, it will stay on running and qso can be ended. Then start cqrlog again, select remote and finish logging.