my_rig field?

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my_rig field?

I'm new to CQRLog, switching from Log4OM was an easy task with about 1500 qsos.
But then I was looking for the my_rig field in the database. Because I'm using different homebrew qrp rigs, it would be nice to track the qsos on each of them. Have I missed it?
mni tnx an congrats for this vy nice piece of software!
Martin HB9FSV

my_rig field?

Hi Martin!

You have to use either "Comment to QSO" or "QTH profile". Both can be used as filter (QSO list/Filter) search criteria.

I think better could be to use QTHprofile for different rigs. They are easier to to select when logging new qsos. Using comment you have to write it always again for every qso.

Check preferences/QTH profiles to create profiles for each rig.

There you can set description for profile, check "rig" and then you see rig names at NewQSO "QTH profile"-selector.

When you first time open the list of qth profiles to add one (press "Define/modify" then "New" button) profile you do not see all profile columns. You have to use horizontal scroll bar to find the column barriers, catch barrier with pressing mouse left button and drag it to left so that it comes visible in view with other columns.
Once you have done it first time it will be remembered.

Same as with "QSO list" columns, but there we have button "auto column width".


my_rig field?

dr Saku
tnx finally for your helpful advice. I'll try out the profiles.
vy 73 Martin HB9FSV

my_rig field?

GE dr OMs

So now I tried your solution, it works fine! Just requires manually assigning the profiles to the imported QSOs.
Only two points:
- I created a QTH profile with number 0 -> the profile is created, but not saved with the QSO, but left empty instead.
- It would be nice to be able to select consecutive rows in the QSO list by pressing SHIFT

unsure if i should file a bug / feature request for this?

tnx es 73 Martin HB9FSV