DXCC Updates NOT Updating-BUG?

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DXCC Updates NOT Updating-BUG?

Each time CQRLOG is opened the DXCC Update window updates and the result is always 1102276. Just now I opened CQRLOG ten times and the same update occured. Is this a bug? It always is the same amount and I question if the program is actually updating and perhaps losing the data when the program closes. This has been occuring for many weeks.

Anyone else notice this?

Same issue here

Same issue here

DXCC Updates NOT Updating-BUG?

Do you mean that the file extract counter always results same?

It may do so as latest update is 2020-02-29 (https://www.ok2cqr.com/linux/cqrlog/ctyfiles/ver.dat)
you can manually download it from https://www.ok2cqr.com/linux/cqrlog/ctyfiles/cqrlog-cty.tar.gz
See README at ~/.config/cqrlog/ctyfiles

But what I wonder more is that you say you did it 10 times! Once auto update has run at start of cqrlog it should not run again until there is a new update available.
If it does so every time it means that the update does not succeed. Check that you can write to ~/.config/cqrlog/ctyfiles folder.

You can manually load the file, extract it and then run manual update Qso list/File/Import/DXCC data
All these done in ~/.config/cqrlog/ctyfiles folder.
After that no automatic update should happen until new version date appears.