can't remove!

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can't remove!

downloaded and it will not work!!can't remove, can't install ANY programs, the "remove" tab is useless!!! this program has really screwed up my system!!!

can't remove!


I understand your frustration but what it has to do with cqrlog?
We do not even know your Linux distribution, or what you have downloaded and from where.

If your package manager fails the reason is probably somewhere else than in cqrlog.
You have to do some Googling using keywords about your distribution, packet manager, and possible failure report you get to resolve how to fix things.

If you want support for cqrlog you have to tell your distribution name and version, the problem
and possible debug dump. Start cqrlog from command line with:

cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

And after closing down cqrlog check and attach the contents of /tmp/debug.txt

Giving help for specific Linux distribution and it's problems depends of any user here has had same problems. Best source of that kind of help is distribution's own web pages and forums.

I have stated here before that using download section's "Complete application directory for other distributions: cqrlog_2.4.0_amd64.tar.gz" is the easiest way to install cqrlog.

It is also safe as it does not touch packet manager databases and so cannot break them.

Negative side it that every needed library must be installed manually ( MySQL server, MySQL client, Hamlib libraries and if LoTW support is desired, trustedqsl package and libssl-devel) but those are standard packets in distributions and they should install without a problem.

I may think things in "nerd" way because I have used Linux since 1997 (Red Hat 4.2) but nowadays there is lot lot more help available using Google than in those days. You just need to do some search.

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