New install not calculating distance

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New install not calculating distance

Hi guys.

I have moved computers and moved my data from the old computer via an export / import.

The new version is 2.4.0 on Linux Mint.

All seems to be working nicely, however...

I used to get a distance displayed underneath the lat long on the right hand side of the QSO entry window.

I am now only getting that when I display the old QSO entries from before the cross over. New ones are not being calculated.

I have my location set in preferences as a 6 digit maidenhead.

I have also found that if I do a group edit and re-add my location to all the entries then it will do the calculation and display it..

But no go on any new entry.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?

Thanks guys,

Scott McGill

New install not calculating distance

Hi Scott!

Do you still have the old computer in shape?
If so look at this

That way you get logs, but also all settings transferred.